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Nutrition based menus for the feel good factor

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Since starting my home delivery service, I began to receive requests for a daily menu delivery that covers all meals from morning to night hence the creation of Nourish + Thrive, nutritionally balanced menus to give you the feel-good factor.


As I'm a real foodie and not into faddy diets I do not offer restrictive meal plans or cutting out of major food groups. So the menus are based on my philosophy of eating high quality ingredients packed full of nutrients to make you feel full for longer. There is no refined sugar and I do tend to reduce the amount of meat & dairy just to give your digestion a rest from these. 


I aim inspire clients with delicious but healthy food, ensuring a complete nutritional balance at every meal, alongside the very real need to ensure variety within the diet over the course of a few days.

The food is nutrient dense and packed with flavour, so you can spend more time being you and less time preparing and cooking healthy meals. Not forgetting, that of utmost importance, is that food should be a pleasure, nourishing us both in our bodies and minds. 


Each day’s food parcel includes: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack & dinner, 4 elements to keep you going through the day. The programmes are 3 or 5 day menus and run from Monday to Wednesday or Monday to Friday. These need to be booked in advance so please select your start date on the calendar when you select your programme. Once you place an order - I will be in touch to confirm your menu + delivery times.


The Nourish + Thrive programmes follow a set menu but if you require a bespoke service is available with I prefer to have a phone consultation to chat through your needs and menu preferences. 


My clients who are currently working from home find this a great solution to eat a varied diet, packed with interesting foods that are ready to heat up and eat. Designed to keep you energised and make you feel-good throughout your day.  

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